Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #80 [Rake at the Gates of Hell part 3]

Goddamn. There is not a single boring page for this third installment at all. All my awestruck apologies to Ennis for being harsh on him lately because Rake at the Gates of Hell is now proving to be a spectacular storyline that ties up previously scattered threads from the earlier stories. This particular serving is absolutely delicious. It's tough on the gums and made it hard for me to swallow but it was a hearty meal all in all.

The scenes featured for this issue were greatly paced, further enticing me to keep reading. The Devil is on Earth and beware whoever crosses his path and tries to block it. He is determined to get his mighty hands on John Constantine. 

Meanwhile, John is preoccupied with the personal matter regarding Helen who was found by his pimp and was beat up so freaking badly by her chauvinist dirtbag pimp it would make any self-respecting feminist enraged. Aside from that, John also feels responsible for George, the lateDez's brother who murdered that dickhead from the Fear and Loathing arc (Charles whatshisface) for being the racist neo-Nazi punk bastard that he was as payback for all the shitty hate crimes he committed, the most unforgiving of which was the murder of Dez himself. George and his other mates get caught up in a brutal civilian-police face-off in the middle of this issue which thankfully I did not have to see unfold brutally. Perhaps in the upcoming issue after this? I cringe at the thought.

Sarah, John's current squeeze, is righteously pissed at him after what happened to Helen and the fact that her own sister almost got killed because John involved them in his mess. She proceeds to give him the bollocking of his life which struck a lot of sensitive nerves. She doesn't know the wholes story of the epic dramatic tragedy that was John's life but she knows enough to point out his flaws and reckless impulsive habits without breaking a stride. I understand her side of things although I do maintain that she still has no idea the daily insufferable kind that a man like Constantine faces especially now that the Devil himself is on his heels.

Speaking of the fucker himself: FotF is surely taking his sweet time picking off John's friends to get to Gabriel's heart. First, he almost savagely ends the Lord of Dance who made a vow to help John back in his birthday issue, then First acquires information from Rick who committed suicide and found himself in Hell and finally he got to Nigel and takes the archangel's heart. He confronts Gabriel who begged him to spare him but First Fallen ignores it all and squeezes his heart out. The issue ends with John staring at the empty box where the heart is supposed to be, viciously fucked in the spot.

Holy shit, what's in store for the last two issues?!

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