Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #74

In the third installment of Damnation's Flame, I continue to be amused and John meets a version of the President of the United States who is no other than John F. Kennedy. He needs John's help. Said assassinated president had to hold the back of his head where he was shot the entire time as he appeared in this issue, in fear that his brains will fall out if he didn't. Makes sense. Also, ewww.

Back in actual New York, Papa Midnite watches the many ways John's spirit is suffering through the witchwalk, with the help of his contact with his sister Cedalla, most particularly via her skull (which he keeps as a trinket). Like he's watching some trashy reality television, Papa guffaws and sneers; all that's missing is a bucket of popcorn.

The issue is composed of scenes between John and JFK talking about politics and conspiracies; some typical cold-war/communism paranoia/capitalist propaganda bullshit that went by me faster than a subway bullet train. I don't care about any of this. Visually, Dillon's panels are intriguing to look at especially the changes in scenery but the substance of the dialogue exchange and the narrative itself is unbearably talky and dissonant. 

The most exciting part of the issue (and that's not saying much) is when John meets Cedalla's trapped soul for the first time. She communicates with him and seeks out his help, much like JFK just did. Once more, John makes a promise I'm not sure is in his best interest to keep. Apparently, Midnite straight-up murdered Cedalla and condemned her innocent soul to hell just so he can have hell itself on speed-dial through channeling her spirit. John agrees to help free her and get back on Midnite. And then there was still the matter of helping JFK depose of the leader of this hellish America. Wow, so many items on the laundry list, Johnny boy, where do you even begin?

The issue ends when Cedalla takes John to meet American Indian spirits. BECAUSE OF COURSE WHY NOT WE MIGHT AS WELL GO THERE. I don't know how long Ennis can keep up this whole thing and I'm frankly not that interested anymore.


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