Monday, August 10, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #58

The most comfortingly predictable thing about Garth Ennis' stories so far in this series is the certain promise that the bad guys will always get their due in the most satisfyingly morose way possible. We witness this happen in the Royal Blood arc where a certain misanthropic aristocrat gets possessed by a demon who gleefully performs self-cannibalism right on the spot and then he gets dragged down to hell and tortured. That's natural selection at its finest right there. 

In this last installment of a two-part story, we get an awful excuse of a human being whose name is not even worth mentioning. He's a bloodthirsty doctor who enjoys watching corpses get riddled by bullets. No rhyme, no reason. He just doesn't have a respect for the dead and would like to play with their bodies. But hey, as John optimistically interjects, it could be worse. He could have been fucking the corpses. Ennis is no Delano though because I know Delano would have gone for that shit. 

That's why I love the guy.

Anyway, Body and Soul pretty much wraps up the story in yet another twisted happy ending. John and Chas got captured after locating the research facility where the poor corpses are being transported just to be a part of a dumbass shooting range which is not even for the name of science. One of these corpses is the fresh remains of Chas' uncle who was just buried less than a day ago in the last issue. Seeing his body desecrated got me so pissed because he was a loved one of a character I like and I'm sure he was a nice man back when he was still alive. The trouble about the fucktard doctor's stupid hobby is that the souls themselves cannot travel to their destinations and remain stuck around the facility where their mutilated carcass lay. 

Realizing this after a frightening apparition from one of them, John makes up his mind to help these souls to pass over especially on behalf of Chas who was really hoping his uncle is resting in a better place only to discover that he's roaming the halls, restless and in agony all thanks to some piece of shit who decided that stealing and then shooting dead bodies are oh-so-enlightened. John is not having any of this and proceeds to cast a spell called "Soulstorm" which allowed the souls to gather together and haunt the fuck out of everyone in the place. Never have I been so happy to see ghosts cause havoc.

The fucktard doctor was easily repetant and has the gall to ask the souls to take him with them. Euphoric with the revelation that there is an afterlife, he gouges his eyes out. Chas arrives later to find him in that position and tries to shoot hin with a shotgun. He changes his mind and starts butchering him with the shotgun's handle instead until it broke due to the massive strength of the repetitive blows on the doctor's body. FUCK. YEAH. Now that's bloody revenge!

Does this mean the doctor's soul cannot pass over at all because his body was also desecrated? Oh, if there is a God listening, I really hope that's true. I hope he is suffering in endless agony as he stays trapped in mortal plane. I'm going to just assume that is the case because I believe in happy endings. I'm a romantic, sappy sod that way.


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