Monday, August 10, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #57

I just noticed that Garth Ennis writes shorter Hellblazer story arcs that are also less wordy than Delano's but just as disconcerting. This two-part story is no exception. What I enjoyed most about this is the presence and participation of Chas Chandler who is most probably the only mate of John's he hasn't irreparably screwed over yet AND SHOULD NEVER SCREW OVER because he always has John's back and it's a comforting knowledge to see that John at least has some stability in his life when all goes to shit, and that is no other than his friendship with this lovely man. His current relationship with the wonderful Kit Ryan has also been helping lately. John Constantine is becoming a well-adjusted member of the society, guys. OMG.

This issue entitled Mortal Clay opens with a bunch of disgusting sons of bitches gunning down corpses just because. It's unsettling because the souls who formerly inhabit these bodies are able to watch their personal and physical desecration. Srsly, what kind of cunt takes pleasure in machine-gunning human carcass? Someone severely fucked-up in the morals, that is. Of course, John and Chas cross paths with such a despicable asshole. What started out as a normal afternoon hang became morbid when Chas stopped by his uncle's place only to discover that the old man had a heart attack. After the funeral service, Chas asked John if his uncle is in a better place, considering John is an occultist and can check out that sort of thing. John reassures him only of the best--only for the two of them to stumble upon suspicious-looking men loading his uncle's freshly dugged up corpse into their mysterious van.

I mean, really? In the middle of the day? Right after the remains were just put to rest less than an hour ago and the family members might still be hovering around the cemetery as they grieve? Really, assholes, REALLY?!

Chas beat the shit out of the motherfuckers and John joins in but he's always been pretty useless in a fight. So they got their asses handed to them in the end and the sick fucks managed to get away with the uncle's corpse. Srsly, body-snatching on this day and age? Even John is baffled. We get a nice moment with the girlfriend as John tells her that he owes it to Chas to help him locate his uncle and she lets him go easily. So the chums track down the van's license plate and then they also found out about this research facility that needs a steady supply of corpses for science and shit. They get to the van filled with said corpses and Chas freaks out which led to their capture and detainment, much to the glee of the doctor because now he will get to see the effects of shooting live people.

What a dickhead of the highest order with the most pointless act of atrocity ever. Why is he even doing this shit? I'm sorry but this isn't Gotham City where everything and anything can happen so this better get explained. Also, he better die in the most horrific way possible next issue. SPOILER ALERT: He does, so all hail Satan and open the gates a hell to devour this soul.


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