Monday, August 17, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #68

John "post-break-up" Constantine is currently living as a drunk-ass drunk hobo somewhere in the streets of London with the other vagrants and addicts. He has grown some really ugly beard to complete the despondent look while he's at it.

Elsewhere, vampires. 

After his first appearance in issue #50, the King of Vampires makes a surprising return in this issue. He is accompanied by his two consorts Darius and Mary and they rampage across London to drink blood and have awesome threesome blood and sexfest. While all of this gleeful mayhem is going on, John loiters around asking people for spare change so he can buy liquor, only it's lighting fluid but he's beyond caring. If he sobers up, he'll remember the shitty way he ended things with both Kit and Chas so he is having none of that. Miserable and hopeless he bunks in a vacant futon but finds a young man telling him that he found said futon first.

They bargain for a while with the young man finally convincing John he would share his blanket if he shares the futon. John agrees but refuses to share his booze. The kid leaves. John thrashes and pukes around for a while. The kid comes back later and John discovers that he's been prostituting so he can make a few wages here and there. He was supposed to go to college but didn't have enough money to pay lodgings so things slowly but surely got worse for him. Hearing this tale, John immediately takes pity and offers him a drink at last. The two ended up huddling together under the blanket and falling asleep like two unlikely pair of kindred brothers.

I suppose it's good thing for John to be reminded that life could get so much shittier for someone else. Sure, his best friend and girlfriend left him at the same time but at least John isn't whoring his arse in the streets like the kid, Davy, has. Now that is rock bottom--figuratively and literally. Just then, the King of Vamps stumbled upon the sleeping forms of these two friends and was maniacally happy to see John in such a state with that umistakeable rapey look on his face. And then the issue just ends.

I'll let the Hobo-John phase happen because he clearly needs to deal with some heavy issues right now; even if that entails drinking himself blind and stupid and sleeping in futons shared with twenty-something boy-whores. So be it.


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