Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #52

Garth Ennis takes the reigns full-time starting with this issue. In this issue of Hellblazer, John Constantine wakes up happy. He was actually freaking happy. Seeing a smile on Johnny's face is odd for me because I was so used to him being such a complete downer in the past issues, what with damning a girl's soul to hell, getting a few of his chums killed and almost dying because of terminal lung cancer and all that. Such shitty events are enough to get someone depressed for a lifetime. But now, my baby has got something to smile about. And it's a lady. He's been shacking up with the lovely Kit who also happens to be the former lady-love of his late close friend. John was at first hesitant to get it on with her, given his track record of getting his girlfriends into trouble but Kit proves to be worth that risk. So now John has someone to look forward to seeing and enjoy spending time with. Good for Johnny. The man could use the break from the darkness and pain.

Speaking of darkness and pain: John Constantine once again has trouble finding him, this time in a form of an acquaintance named Marstan; some wealthy motherfucker who participates in questionable and depraved activities in an exclusive club for fellow money-spenders who have bizarre appetites and can afford to indulge in the debauchery of such. John was taken to said establishment and has to see for himself the extent of these indulgences which quickly puts him in a sour mood. Marstan seeks to employ him because of his expertise in the occult and he took John to a crime scene with turned out to be a botched summoning ritual of some sort. Nothing more annoying than some stuck-up priveleged asshole trying his hand on satanic rituals, that's what I find and John looked pissed about this current predicament. Upon discretion, Marstan wants to hire him to secure the location of one of their clientele who turned out to be a member of the royal British family.  Whoope-doo?

This client has been involved in gruesome murders for this story. He's been hacking his way through the city, leaving entrails and other disgusting mutilated body parts and possibly feeding on them too while he's at it. I think John is sort of intrigued as to the identity of this illustrious client which is probably the only reason he is agreeing to the job. Cleaning up scum is a civil duty for this paranormal detective. Unfortunately, Kit is not a supporter of John's proclivities. She loves him and is totes cool about him moving in with her but she's not having any of the bad juju that entails being with John Constantine. I wonder how this is going to affect their relationship. I'm hoping there's a compromise because I like Kit and she makes John happy. Freaking John Constantine is happy and that in itself is a noteworthy accomplishment. So, yeah. John is looking for a royal prince or duke or something who happens to be serial-killing around and may or may not be possessed by a demon. Yay? Sounds interesting enough and not exactly a bad start for Garth Ennis' run after Dangerous Habits arc. 


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