Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hellblazer by Grant Morrison issue #26

This is probably the first Grant Morrison comics story that I didn't like and that upsets me greatly. I tried to get on board with the concept but I found myself clearly exhausted by the macabre and grimness of everything lately; and that includes Hellblazer. But I'm also the same girl who said she enjoys serial-killer stories which meant that I'm more than happy to enjoy that brand of macabre in The Family Man story arc which is coming up, but How I Learned to Love the Bomb, the second and final installment to Early Warning, is the kind of horror story that couldn't appeal to me at this point in my reading of this series. 

I will admit that it's because (1) I want to start reading the Family Man already, and (2) the paranoia/conspiracy atmosphere of the eighties era that Hellblazer would capture in its issues like this just doesn't click with me organically. I don't think I'll write a longer review of this issue anymore because I feel like I'll be repeating the same thing again from my review of the previous issue where I raised some of my concerns about the theme that I've noticed in Hellblazer, and how I'm not that into it anymore (and perhaps I never was in the first place).

My rating for this is not that fixed as of yet but this will probably the lowest one I have given yet. Perhaps I just need enough distance from this material and try to reflect back as I progress to the new story arcs, hoping that I'll be able to contextualize Morrison's two-parter with the rest. A Neil Gaiman issue is next and I have high hopes about that. Still, from now on I will try to tread lightly and keep my analyses more objective even when it comes to reading stuff that really bug me.

NOT RECOMMENDED (for now): 5/10

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