Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Hellblazer by Garth Ennis issue #48

As a continuation of the previous issue, Love Kills was a hoot with lots of great gore to feast on and the reason why I enjoyed the murder and rampage presented here is because the people who got butchered actually had it coming. Seriously, there have been so many deaths in Hellblazer and they mostly happened to nice people, either they were sacrificed for some evil ritual or a science experiment, or slayed by sheer accidental forces. This is why I take time to appreciate deaths that happen to wankers who truly must die horribly. This issue has given me that slice of righteous justice.

Once again, there is nothing much to say because the story is as straightforward as it gets, considering this is Garth Ennis and he goes right to the punch. If I discuss what happens here then there really won't be a point to read the story for yourself.

However, what I am enjoying about his run so far is the focal subplot about John Constantine and Kit's developing relationship. I'm enjoying Kit a lot. She's ballsy and yet sensitive enough to understand people's suffering around her, particularly that of a close friend's. She's outspoken and fun to be around with, and you can tell she'd fight for you and will stay loyal as long as you can return that same level of commitment and dedication, or as long as you just appreciate her presence in your life. Surprisingly enough, John has yet to screw it up. AND I PRAY TO ALL PAGAN GODS HE WON'T. Kit is exactly what he needs right now. Besides, I think a stable relationship will equalize and cancel out all the bad vibes in John's life and I think that's exactly why Ennis brings Kit to the fold. We get this compelling female character who has known John for eight years before and whom he got reunited with during one of the most tumultuous events in his life. Her timing is impeccable, really, and I'm excited to see how their dynamics play out in the long run.


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